Contributor to Yogatropic, a site devoted to exploring yoga, health, well-being, mindfulness, sustainable living, and social justice, loosely based in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Of Note: On Notes. October 24, 2016

The Cult of Self-Improvement and The Power of Discontent. March 16, 2016

The Song of Self-Honoring. June 1, 2016

Be Nice. project

Created in 2008 for artwork of the same name. Blog maintained through 2014. Some of the most popular posts linked below.

Gratitude Practice. September 2013

Too Happy. February 2013

The weakness in kindness. January 2011

A little about parents on Mother's Day. May 2010

"Foot In Mouth" syndrome and the "Curse of Considerate Clarification." December 2010

Felt & Wire

Writing contributions for Mohawk blog (Felt and Wire), Newsfeed, Case Studies, and MohawkMakeReady.com.

Keep a Child Alive's Black Ball 2015. December 2015 (Felt and Wire)

Digital X-Press Promotion Takes Flight. October 2015 (Newsfeed)

The Mast-ery of Materials: Handcrafted Chocolates. March 2015 (Felt and Wire, interview portion only, co-written with Diane O'Connor)

Anything but standard, Standard Form's Exquisite Gift Wrap and Cards. December 2014 (Felt & Wire)

Fine Paper Business Development Workshop. November 2014 (Newsfeed)

Mohawk welcomes Lindenmeyr to Latham. August 2014 (Newsfeed)

Bar Harbor Foods: quality ingredients from product to packaging. June 2014 (Newsfeed)

Everything Starts With Coffee. April/May 2014 (Newsfeed, Mohawk MakeReady)

A Community of Makers Create an Environmentally Responsible Packaging Solution. April/May 2014 (Newsfeed, Felt & Wire)

Constructing the Deconstructed. March 2014 (Felt & Wire)

Building Memories in Paper. February 2014 (Felt & Wire)